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12. Guidelines for SCC

One of the most important results of the Danish SCC Consortium’s work is the drafting of two Guidelines providing recommendations and instructions on the execution with SCC and mix design of SCC. The Guidelines were published in August 2007 in Danish and the English versions were available in June 2008.

Frontpages of SCC GuidelinesGuidelines for Mix Design of SCC

Guidelines for Mix Design of SCC is intended to contribute to a better understanding of the correlation between concrete composition and the flow properties (rheology) of SCC.

The concrete producer can use the Guidelines to obtain better knowledge about how concrete composition influences the flow properties which in turn control the casting and finishing properties of the SCC. The concrete producer achieves a greater understanding of the contractors’ wishes, his needs and his requirements.

DownloadSCC-Guideline_MixDesign_May-2008_ISBN_87-7756-769-2 (5,1 MB)


Guidelines for Execution of SCC

The main purpose of the Guidelines for Execution of SCC is to contribute to a better understanding between the parties on the construction site regarding the use of SCC.

The contractor who orders the concrete and performs the concrete works on the construction site can use the Guidelines to specify the correct flow properties (rheology) for the concrete with regards to the method of casting, structural type and the form geometry.

Consulting engineers and job site supervisors will benefit from reading the Guidelines to ensure that the concrete work is performed correctly.

DownloadSCC-Guideline_Execution_May-2008_ISBN_87-7756-771-4 (8,2 MB)